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Subject: question about calculating the points
  I filed a Canadian PR application several months ago and it is still in process. But my situation may change during the waiting time (who knows how long). My question is that what happens if, during this waiting time, I have accumulated more years of work experience, or what if I get an arranged employment in Canada, can I ask the immigration office to add points to my application because of these changes? Is it true that how many points I can get depends on my condition at the time I filed my PR application, any change of my situation after my PR application is filed cannot be used to add points for me? Thanks.
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if you think that your situation changed that it would make a difference for your application then you should inform Canadian Immigration Office.

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Points are used only to accpet or reject your application. once you pass 67, more points are not of any impact to the case. Other factors start to play then.

So, if you conditions change just inform the CIC office becasue it is a requirement to keep them updated with changes.

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If there is a change in family composition eg you get married or have a child during the waiting period you MUST inform the Canadian consulate. You dont have a choice in this situation.

If you points are at the borderline then you should give them updated information regarding your work experience. Say when you applied you have only 2 years of work experience so after you complete one more year of work experience you can update your file by sending your pay stubs and tax returns.

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You should always inform the changes on your part. Because they might play positive role in the end, during the interview or at the final decision. Dont delay write a letter and attch the documents and send to concerned visa post.
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