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Subject: Near the border
  Can some one post their experieences a tthe border?
i am travelling with a 13 month old so trying to find out how longtime takes and what are the processes needed ther?If so what kind of dress code is needed?
Let me know whom will be mmeting at he border?whata re asked other than the articles we carry?
Can some one help in this matter

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Where are you crossing the border?
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Iam thinking of crossing Via Niagara falls NY
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I´m not really sure what you are asking, but if you are bringing a young child into Canada for a visit AND the father is not in attendance, be certain that you have either an original letter from him that describes both his knowledge and consent of your travels, as well as any court documents related to the child (if applicable). Of course, you should also have identification for the child, as well, which proves you to be the mother (I´m assuming you are the mother...).

Dennis Caul
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Dennis Caul
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Thanks For the info Dennis.My question is when i reach the border whom do i meet first .I mean should meet the canadian immigration officer and give all my paper work or Should i first meet the Canadian Customs officials or how is the process there?

Hope u can understand the details i am looking for


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Regardless of who receives you, all travelers entering Canada are subject to an "immigration primary" first, and then, assuming a secondary immigration interview is not required, a "customs primary" (i.e., border officials clear the person first; then the person´s goods). So, the first person you talk to will ask you questions regarding immigration (even if this person is a Customs officer, as they serve on behalf of immigration, as well). During this time, your child´s status, relationship to you, purpose of travel, and the like will be discussed (briefly). If more insight/information is needed to clear you and the child, then you will be referred to a secondary immigration officer.

In short, you do not need to concern yourself with choosing the right person to speak with, as they will determine this for you.

Dennis Caul
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Dennis Caul
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I will also cross the border from america .the problem is before travelling america I didnot get any documents from canada immigration because on the cic web site its mention that people who travel with plane bus train need PR card. if you are travelling by car you don´t need.. Is my refugee status documents and the confirmation letter SIN card... enough for travelling to canada from U.S.

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