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  How do people who get mail order brides and only meet their wife for a week get through immigration? No I´m no mail order husband!!! But we did meet online.
Here I am wondering how I will go with my application. And like most of you I worry that CIC will give me a really hard time and accuse my sponsor and I at being in a marriage of convenience. I´m worried because I was sponsored to Canada 10 years ago and then left Canada in 2000. Now here I am applying as a spouse again. I am just so worried the will think its a marriage of convenience and refuse me.
We have known each other for almost a year and spent 2 months together. We talk on the phone everyday and she will arrive in 2 weeks so we can get married next month. I am then going to spend 5 weeks with her in Canada over xmas. We are totally in love but I still worry allot! Is that normal to worry so much?

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