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Subject: Spousal Sponsorship
  What is going on with CIC? I´d applied in Canada for PR( Spousal Sponsorship) and after 10 months now CIC sent me a letter to submit a new application with all the evidences. Why they need everything again? I am just frustarted now waiting waiting and just waiting at home. Can not go to Doctor, Can not work, Can not support my family and just dependent on my spouse for every little thing. here is my time line.

We received your application for permanent residence on December XX, 2004.

We started processing your application on February XX, 2005.

Medical results have been received.

We received a letter from you on April XX, 2005. Thank you for providing the information.

We transferred your application to the (Local) CIC office on May 17, 2005. The (Local) CIC office may contact you.

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my another question is that I did not pay RPRF at the time of application, should I pay it now with application or I should wait CIC for asking RPRF?
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Thats awefully long. I submitted on Sep 8th.. My papers were received on Sep 22nd.. I got a letter from CIC on Sep 22nd that I qualify to be a sponsor.. on Sep 22nd the Canadian High Commission in the country where my husband resides received all the paperwork.
My husband got a call a week ago Oct 3rd to drop off his Passport. We both dont know why.
ANy ideas?

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