How to Get a Status Update (Damascus)

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Subject: How to Get a Status Update (Damascus)
  Here is our situation:

My wife passed the interview requested by the Canadian Embassy in Damascus but we haven´t heard anything from the Embassy for over 3 month now.

Is there a way to find out the status of my wife´s sponsorship application?
When we call the embassy, all what we get is a voice mail and no reply.
When we fax the embassy asking about the status, we don´t get any reply whatsoever from the Embassy.

Any ideas about how to find out what´s happening with the application? The wait time is killing us.


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have you tried CAIPS?

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hi Fred,

i am sorry to tell you that in damascus office situation is always like this.

in my case i had my interview in nov 2004, they told me they will contact me after one month to inform about their decision regarding immigraion application (skilled worker). now i am still waiting for their decision, i sent lot of faxes without reply, i send them letter with DHL 10 days agaon and iam still waiting to hear anything from them.. the problem is I have heard that there is some internal issues that are reflected to our files somehow..
better is to order caipsnotes it takes 40 days to reach you but u will know the file status ...

yours Radi

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What kind of issues are they having in Damascus? Mental disorder issues ? or something else ?
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nothing wrong with Damascus, the only thing is that they won´t bother replying to queries when these queries are pointless, like people asking when we will receive our visa or whats the status of our application, as long as the application is in process and nothing wrong they believe they should not waste their time simply saying your application is in process, because even they themselves do not know when it will be finilized, however, if your query is really important they will respond.
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Thanks all for your replies,

I just learned that my wife´s application could be going through security/background check. The news caught off guard because of the following:

What kind of security threat a girl/woman could affect or threaten Canada´s security? does it take more than 3 month to find out if a person is a terrorist or a war criminal? (Police certificate was submitted) this is really going overboard, Canada taught me to plan everything in our lives but here we go, we can plan nothing as a couple when we are thousand of miles apart.

Is there a way to find out the time line of a security/background check?

I pray for God that the Liberal government will call for an election this fall, I have already chosen my candidate and made up my mind.


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long security checks are usually encountered in places where the local governoments and security agencies are slow/not cooperative in replying to Canadian security, or when there is a suspicion about that particular person.
there are 2 types of security checks performed one is thorogh and one is quick, and its canada security agency who decide which one to do for a given individual, the slower one takes 6-9 months.

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Dear Rachael,

I have submitted a sponsorship application for my wife in Lebanon in march 2010. The application was received by the CIC office the 3rd of march 2010 and forwarded to the canadian embassy in Beirut in May (which I beleive forwarded the application to the visa office in Damascus). The e-cas says that my wife´s file is being processed as of May 17th 2010. By january 26th 2011, I have received an e-mail from the visa office in Damascus requesting a new medical exam and a police certificate from a country where my wife lived in before. Both documents were obtained and sent by february 17th 2011 to the visa office in Damascus. My wife and I (her representative and sponsor) both tried to reach the embassy by e-mail to have an up-date for the application but got no answer. How long does it usually take for the sponsorpship application to be completed after requested documents are sent?

So far it´s been exactly a year since the application was sent to the CIC office.



Moutih Rafei
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