Decision MADE ?whts NEXT?

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Subject: Decision MADE ?whts NEXT?
  We started processing DHRUV KOCHHAR´s application on June 14, 2005.

DHRUV KOCHHAR´s interview is August 23, 2005.

Medical results have been received.

A decision has been made on DHRUV KOCHHAR´s application. The office will contact DHRUV KOCHHAR concerning this decision.

*****************Now wht does that mean?*******************
they have already taken my passport?
IS THIS A YES OR NO?????????????OR THIS is something they always convey like this?

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thats a yes .. congrats
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Hey Dhruv,

Congratulations.....Its definetely YES. its just matter of time till you recieve the official document from them with passport stamp and CORP....

Just hangin there.....:)


Thanks guys (in reply to: Decision MADE ?whts NEXT?)
Thanks alot
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only 6 months, so good, where are you?
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