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Subject: Canadian wants to marry an american
  Im so lost as to what to do! I am a canadian citizen, wanting to marry my american fiancee....I ve heard several different opinions on what to do, not sure what route to take. If i apply for a fiancee visa it could take a while todo so, and they can refuse me for any reason. If i go to the states, marry him then apply for a green card we´ve been told that this is allowed,however, i dont want to marry him,then get sent back home....IM SO LOST....HELP ME....LOL...Does anyone have any advise or websites that i can go to? Thanks so much
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Hi Angie.

The best advice I can give you is to educate yourself regarding each option, and then make a decision that best suits your needs.
If you are in the US, and want to remain in the US, you can sponsor your spouse from outside Canada.

Conversely, if you two want to live here immediately, then submit a "Within Canada" application. In this case, however, the sponsored person will not be allowed to work or attend school for the first 6 months, or so (approximately).

Why don´t you call us during business hours tomorrow, and we can give you more details, as well as answer any questions you have. There´s no charge for the initial consult. Simply e-mail me at with an indication of what time you will be calling, and we´ll be ready to talk when you call.

Dennis Caul
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Dennis Caul
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thanks for your reply, however i want to remain in the us. Ive been told that i can go there on a visit and marry him, and stay in the us, while the green card is being there any chance they can send me back to canada for any reason? Thanks
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Sorry, but I do not know US immigration law. You should contact the US authorities to learn more about there laws. This is a Canadian immigration forum.
Dennis Caul
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I too am a Canadian who is marrying a Canadian citizen. If you go to the U.S. and marry the U.S. citizen in the U.S. there is definitely a chance that they will send you back to Canada and then you will have to apply for a Spousal Visa. I am currently waiting for my fiance visa interview. You find many horror stories on the internet, however, this is what my experience is. We filed for our K1 Visa (fiance visa) on July 29/05 and it was approved in 53 days. I am currently just waiting for the interview and I will be on my way. From what I have read the Spousal Visa takes much longer.
Hope this helps you out.

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thanks so much jamie, do you know what the interview entails? How long did it take to get the interview, and did you go through a lawyer? If so, could i get his or her name? we dont know who to turn to for advise, you can email me at, hope you get this, thanks
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i am also a canadian citizen wanting to marry my american b/f. is it legal for us to marry in canada? knowing he will have to return until the spousla visa goes through. any assistance appreciated. good luck! i know its a nightmare. alot of information..gets boggling
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I want my bf from usa to come and visit me for 1 week, i have my own place and a job, so he has a place to stay and i can support his stay....He has has his own place in us but not working....My question is,,,,,,,can he still come to Canada for a visit without getting hassle at the border cuz he´s not working?


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