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  Hi all

I am wondering if anybody had a similar experience as me..i applied to sponsor my spouse now in India..Submitted my application to CPC Miss on August 4, 2005 and received approval on August 19th..then forwarded my application to CHC Delhi..Process started in New Delhi on August 30th..since then we have heard nothing at all from CHC New Delhi..now it is more than 40 days since "in process" status in CHC Delhi...is this a normal wait time..we have not received PP request from New Delhi...please let me know when it will be appropriate to enquire about my status over phone..and will it be of any help ....i mean ..will i be able to get additional information as to why and for what information CHC Delhi is waiting...many thanks for your time..have a great day

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Hello rlaksh,

You should have recieved letter from CHC-New Delhi requesting your passport. I will suggest if you are in Canada call CIC call center and ask them your status also send e-mail to New Dehli at delhi-im-enquiry@international.gc.ca or send them a fax at Facsimile: (91-11) 5178-2031.

Most likely they might have send you letter, but unfortunately because of postal department its taking long to reach to your wife.This happen to someone before(sumit).

Here is my timeline for spousal sponsorship.
Application sent to CPC-M Aug 22nd
Approved and transferred to CHC Delhi Sept 8th
CHC-New Delhi started processing Sept 19th
Passport request sent Sept 26th received 29th
Sent passport to CHC New Delhi Oct 3rd
waiting waiting waiting........

hope this will help

Good Luck


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Did anyne of you recieve the PP yet?

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hi my wife applied for me to cpc missisaugga on 24nov my file got approved 10 dec and it is now trasferred to new delhi and since now i have not heard frm them abt any thiing cud u plz tell the normal timings and the actuall procedure so that i can handle this situation patiently
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hi my husband sponser me on 29 july 2012 , and ambbessy have my passport on november 6, but i m still waiting for there reply
sonu khatkar
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