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Subject: Forms - help needed
  Dear forum members,

I have this simple(but very difficult for me) question.
I visited the USA for a couple of times with B1 visa(business trip).
Should I write that information in the Backgroud declaration form
(especially under "11. Addresses"). The problem is I stayed in a different places(mainly hotels). And I even don´t know those addresses.
Is it going to make a problem with my application.
I desparately need your help. Please answer.

Thanks in advance

Art Mos
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My understanding is that: If you stayed for more than 6 months, you have to write the address.

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Did you stay >6-months everytime?? Otherwise, just ignore the same. You will anyway include copies of passport pages I suppose. Bests.
immigration question (in reply to: Forms - help needed)
Please guide me , weather I can apply for immigration or not.I can send you detail info , if it is needed.
I strongly waiting for your reply.
best regards,

mohammad reza
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