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Subject: 2002 Applicants from India

I am interested to know if any of the 2002 first quarter applicants at New Delhi got approval. In fact, I have applied on Mar 2002 and got File number on May 2002, further there were no responses. Anyone in the same boat?



You should corresspond (in reply to: 2002 Applicants from India)
You should make the effort to Fax repeatedly until you hear from them. Make this a Priority.
Limu Bai
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Hi Limu Bai,

But, will they get annoyed if I am pestering them continuously with Fax messages. Do you suspect that there could be something wrong with the application or is it the normal way to take more than 2 years for getting an initial valuation? Please let me know if you also applied from India?



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i submitted my application 3 years ago, jan 2001 to be exact. You won´t believe it, but i got my next advice only last june 2004. it´s worth all the wait, ´cause they waived my interview. they only instructed me for medical and to pay the RPR fee (both are done now). now, i´m just waiting for police clearance from US and S Africa.

don´t worry, i´ve seen a lot of people who have this same situation.

good luck to you!

Time Line (in reply to: 2002 Applicants from India)

I had applied for Canadian immigration since March 2001 from Islamabad as Computer Programmer. Following are the details:

29/03/2001 Application Submitted
13/04/2001 AOR Received
20/09/2003 Letter received of Updated Forms and IELTS
09/03/2004 Documents Submitted
15/03/2004 Letter received for updated proof of funds and original education documents
24/03/2004 Documents submitted
17/05/2004 All original education documents have been received with their covering letter stating that "selection interview is necessary before your application can be processed further. You shall be inform in writing of the date and time of your interview".

Since that I?m waiting for my interview call................



2002 Applicants from India (in reply to: 2002 Applicants from India)
I applied from New Delhi in Dec 2002. I only got file number after 8 weeks. since then there is no news, e-stauts mentions ´In Process". I have not appeared for IELTS, do you think that I have to do that and that may be delaying the process?
IMMIGRATION APPLICATIONS ---- May 2002 (in reply to: 2002 Applicants from India)
I also applied for immegration in skilled worker catg to canada in May 2002 from New Delhi - Accounting as my skill with M.Com background and waiting for any communication from the embassy........ Every month i check the status of my file on net. It all ways show "In Process" I don?t understand how long it will take ....... Can any one tell me how do i go about it.............


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