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Subject: Visitor Visa vs Fiancee Visa

I am a US citizen and came to Canada hoping to visit with my fiancee for about 6 months to plan out next steps (wedding - apply for residency).

When I arrived at the border, the border patrol gave me a lecture and registered me as a visitor. She typed forever on the computer and then actually stapled a very official document into my passport indicating I would be leaving in a month and that I could not work or take class here in Canada.

I have no intention of working until I have my forms but I was hoping to stay with my fiancee for 6 months or so before we either get married or apply for any permanent residence.

I do plan on returning to the States for a weekend every month to see my family.

What should I do? Extend my visitor permit or apply for a fiancee visa (if there is such a thing).

Your help would be greatly appreciated.


Hi there (in reply to: Visitor Visa vs Fiancee Visa)
I am going through exactly the same thing....

Immigrations will hassle you and hassle you until you actually get things straight. You´re lucky, they would only give me a 2 week visa when I came in a while back. My fiance and I had been engaged for quite a while and knew our best option would be to elope, to get the ball rolling and to renew my status. Since we had been thinking about it for a while it made complete sense. So we got married last friday in Michigan. We came back up and I got a 1 year visitor record to get my papers submitted. I just would not mess around with the CIC because they won´t hessitate to refuse your entry. Once your entry has been denied once it really looks bad for future attempts and ultimately when you apply for PR.

Once you have all your plans formulated and they can see that you are definitely planning a wedding, then you can go get a new visitor record (in theory). Where did you cross? Some stops are worse than others. My suggestion... be honest, friendly, and really hope for the best. If you have everything planned out, or you simply elope, EVERYTHING WILL BE OK!!! I was terrified that I would get denied entry after we were married but everything panned out ok, and I got my 1yr visitor record to apply for PR. And you know what???? They were VERY VERY friendly, and welcomed me into the country! It was by far my best interaction with CIC.

My advise.... Ask you questions NOW rather than LATER!


Yeppp (in reply to: Visitor Visa vs Fiancee Visa)

There is no fiance visa in Canada, the USA has the K-1, but that take a long time to petition for (8-12mths).

You will have to have a lot planned out, for them to give you a 6month visitor record, and be able to prove ALL of it.

Also it doesn´t matter if you go home for a weekend every month, you would still be living in Canada, thats what they told me. They gave me a similar situation: If a guy from the UK were ´visiting´ in Canada for 6 months, then left for a weekend to go back to the UK, but then came back intending to have his visitors visa automatically reset (since he left), then stayed for another 6months, and continued to do that over and over. We can see that he is obviously living in Canada. Its the same thing. I tried doing that for a few months, but they obviously saw that I was in the country for several months, then left, then came back, then left then came back, only leaving for a weekend at a time. Yes I was practically living in Canada (but I considered it ´visiting´), and only visiting the USA. Honestly, I would have just done things right the first time, got married right away to save the stresses, ´cause its not fun not knowing if you´re going to be let back into the country. Its just like playing with fire, you really don´t want to get burned, because CIC records can leave a lasting scar.


fiancee visa (in reply to: Visitor Visa vs Fiancee Visa)
I require information on fiancee visa´s and marriage,some sort of k1 and k3 visa´s which the usa call it except I need information on Canadian Laws.Arnald.
Arnald Burtch
candian marrying japanese (in reply to: Visitor Visa vs Fiancee Visa)
i want to marry this man i have been seeing from japan an i was wondering if anyone can give me a place where i can find some ligit info so i dont have to move to japan to be with him and he really wants to stay in canada and we dont want to have to continue the visitor visas. it is a pain and a drain on the wallet
cheryl church
Fiancee Visa (in reply to: Visitor Visa vs Fiancee Visa)
me and my bf planning to get married next year, he wants to be it done in canada how can i enter to canada. my bf live in canada he is a canadian for me its bery hard to enter to the canada
Liza Cruz
(in reply to: Visitor Visa vs Fiancee Visa)
hi! i´m pregnant and will due this coming winter.. i want my fiancee to be here in canada to help me support our baby and get married soon but someone told me there´s no such thing as a fiancee visa.. i need more info about this things.. thanks!
Sherrie Mae Pagalan
marry in canada (in reply to: Visitor Visa vs Fiancee Visa)
hey i am italian and i have a work permit for canada. my fiancee is canadian. can i marry her while i am there as temporary worker?
my permit has a duration of 6 months, if we cant marry during those 6 months, can i go back to canada as a visitor, get married and stay with her?
would the officers make problems if i want to go back to marry my fiancee after my permit ends? (anyways i hope to get an extension of my permit since i am a computer programmer and i know about the IT Program of the canadian government).
thanks to who will answer!

help (in reply to: Visitor Visa vs Fiancee Visa)
i am presently visiting my fiancee in japan and also planning to relocate to japan as well but they dont seem to give jobs to foreigners apparently am confused ,pls what do i do.
(in reply to: Visitor Visa vs Fiancee Visa)
Jackson, nobody here knows the rules about Japanese immigration.
hi (in reply to: Visitor Visa vs Fiancee Visa)
hi i would like to ask about my fiance he is in saudi arabia and i want him to come here to get married can you give me an information about this. thanks i would be great if you read this message.godbless