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Subject: one question
  hi all

i sent my immigration package on saturday via canada post, but with a tracking number and through priority mail. they told me it would arrive at the immigration office eaither today or tommorow. i checked and it hasn´t arrived. should i worry, or do you think it will come tommorow. monday was a holiday and i sent it saturday.

i think i am worried for no reason, but please help

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No need to worry yet; It will be there by today or tomorrow for sure; some time they don´t update the tracking number on canada post website a day or two

Good luck with your application

J Curious
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Did you mail it to Buffalo? If so, Canada Post hands over the Express Mail packages over to DHL to be delivered within the US.

You can try and get the DHL tracking number from Canada Post, and then track your package on the DHL website.

I did this exact same thing, when I had mailed in my app. via Canada Post to CIC Buffalo.


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Considering you´ll have months and months of waiting (see different timelines), a few days more or less will be just a drop in the bucket. Don´t worry, just prepare yourself for a long wait!
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