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Subject: Job title, In trouble??
  Hi forum, heres the deal, I got a work permit under the NAFTA, and beacuse of that I didnt need HRDSC confirmation, I´m a Vet and when I aplied for the work permit they asked for reference letters to prove experience in your field, I was working at a goverment lab doing diseases diagnose(vet stuff), so my boss in the lab ave me this reference letter and I appear as a Lab technician, the tittle didnt matter to me because at that time I wasnt really thinking about applying for PR after sometime. Now when checking the work experience requirement for PR under the SW category, I just realized that lab technician does not appear int he NOC list, my question is:
When I get my boss to writte a new reference letter for the PR process I ask him to writte Veterinarian instead Lab technician on the job title, doing this, will I have trouble with this new letter giving me a different job title than the first one issued for the work permit?
Good luck and thank you so much.

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Hi, after reading your post I tried to search the NOC list and I found one that can fall under the Veterinary Lab Technician...the NOC number is 3213....check out this link

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Hi Javier,

Here are some parts of the link that I gave you..this is from CIC website:

3213 Veterinary and Animal Health Technologists and Technicians

Veterinary and animal health technologists and technicians provide technical support to veterinarians by caring for animals and assisting in the diagnosis and treatment of animal health disorders. They are employed in veterinary clinics, animal hospitals, animal shelters, zoos, animal research laboratories, government and pharmaceutical companies.

Example Titles

animal health technician
animal health technologist
laboratory animal technician
veterinarian assistant
veterinary technician
veterinary technologist

check out the link and you will be able to assess if this title fits your job.....goodluck

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Thanks Joe05 for going through all the trouble to obtain that information. I think that will help Javier a hell of a lot. Cheers!
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You are right Candice, Joe´s post and links did help me a hell of a lot, thank you guys. Good luck.

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