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Subject: SG app - HC's timeline
I posted this before, will do again.

Aug 2002: Applied at Singapore CHC.
Sept 2002: AOR received.
Oct 2003: Request for TOEFL scores.
April 2004: TOEFL submitted.
Sept. 2004: Medical requests, funds proof received.
Oct 2004: Police clearance certs , sought.
Jan 2005: Medical submitted from Japan DMP.
Feb 2005: Funds proof requested.
March 2005: PP request
April 2005: Visa received.
Sept 2005: Landed and returned.

Good luck to all.


Hi HC,

Thanks for posting your time line again. Your application is fast. i applied in Dec 2002 and still nothing heard from them.

I´m curious...why did they ask for TOEFL scores? Did you get your interview waived? Seems like a 7 month wait to get the landing paper since the time from your medicals requests. I hear from some of my friends that it usually only takes 3 months from that point. was there any problems?

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Thx for the reply.

1. Sorry about the mistake, its IELTS and not TOEFL. I was wrong.
2. Yes, my interview was waived.
3. Although I received my medical and police clearance requests in Oct 2004, I could complete my medical examinations only by January 2005. This is because I moved from Singapore to Japan. Getting appointments with DMPs in Tokyo, esp. English speaking was kind of hard for me. Finally, had to get a day off, and complete it, only by Jan.
4. Also, getting police clearance from Singapore was difficult for me, as Japan police refused to co-operate. They said they cannot validate or attest another country´s document. Funny. Finally I sought help from the Singapore Consular Offfice to sort it out.
5. They had asked for funds proof in Jan-end/ Feb 2005, around the time my medicals were received. I sent them the UPDATED proof in a week, so my late Feb they would have reviewed these documents I suppose.
6. Naturally, PP request in March.

Hope I clarified some of your queries if not all.
I think SG is pretty fast compared to other visa posts.
Good luck buddy. Where are you from in SG??

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Hi HC,

Thanks for the details. It helps. I´m Singaporean seeking to get out.

I´ve been waiting since Dec 2002 and still am. Have not heard a single thing from cic. I´m surprised that yours is so fast, ie within 2 years. I juz don´t understand why some get theirs faster ansd other wait as if it will take forever.

Guess CIC Singapore office is loosing its reputation of being one of the fastest in Asia.

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