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Subject: Custom forms
  Hi everyone. I understand that there is a form (B4) that needs to be completed and hand over to customs on landing. I have tried to search everywhere and don´t be able to locat the web link to print the form off anywhere. If anyone knows how i can get this form, could please reply and let me have the information.

Thank you for listening.


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you can get one on the plane or at the custom office...

Good luck

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A B4 is not, typically, made available to airline passengers. These forms are, however, available at the customs desk at all POE´s, but the forms require that you list ALL of your goods to be imported at the time of landing (any goods not reported are subject to duties and taxes). Consequently, it is best that you prepare these forms prior to departure (i.e., whilst packing for your move).

At Crarer Law Office, providing our clients with B4´s (and B4E´s) is just one of the dozens of documents we offer our clients through "e-tools" (our electronic filing cabinet, that is exclusively available to clients). And while we recognize that you are not a client of ours, we would be willing to provide this to you, gratis. Simply drop us a line at, and we will send it to you as an email attachment.

Dennis Caul
Per: Crarer Law Office

Dennis Caul
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I recently landed in Canada and didn´t fill up any B4 form. Just took 2 lists with me i.e. goods accompanying me and goods to follow with some description and costs. The customs officer had this B4 form, which he filled out himself and gave me a copy of it.

Filling out B4 form is the job that customs officer has to do and not you. Sure, you can download this form from the internet and fill it up in advance to reduce your waiting period (5 min.)

Here is the link for all sorts of forms, guides and publications for the first timers.

Hope this helps. Remember every information is available over the internet and is free.


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