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Subject: any story like that!!!
  I am a convention refugee ( accepted as a refugee by CIC ) I did my permanent residence application in Canada and now I am in US for travel. But I did not apply for a travel document so I have travelled with my home country passport. Here in US my friend told me that it is impossible for me to enter the Canada again because I don´t have a travel document or PR card. What should I must do? DO you have any idea. And my another friend told me that if you have a letter from the immigration that you are a convention refugee and driving license and other refugee documents you have the right to travel from US to canada.

My permanent residence application is also in Process at the CIC in Canada.


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You´ve submitted an in Canada application to Vegreville? In which case, I thought that you´re not at all allowed to leave the country or you risk voiding your application. Particularly if you come from a country that isn´t European (e.g. UK) or the US. They do warn you not to travel while it´s going on, so I think (but wouldn´t swear it) that you´re going to have to hope the officer at customs and immigration in Canada is kind to you when you get back. Let us know how it goes, though, ´cause it´s always good experience for other people on the same boat. Do you have a letter from Immigration that you are a refugee?
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yes I have a ´notice of decision ´letter from the court that I am a convention refugee and therefore the refugee protection division accepts the claim.
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