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has anyone gotten any good news? timelines anyone? trying to estimate my wait. CIC processing times says 7 months, but still processing applications received up to March 7, 05. I sent mine early sept.. nothing heard.


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Wish I had some good news to share. Atleast we´re all in this together. I just wish there was an established communication system between CIC Buffalo and us. We wouldn´t feel like this if we knew what exactly was going on over there and there was regular communication between the two parties. Such wishful thinking. While we´re on the subject of wishful thinking, I also wish that the immigration minister was somebody who went through this trying PR process him/herself - things just might have been different.
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I got mine, but I applied in-Canada in Feb. It will come, give it time! Do you mean Sept. 05? In which case you will have to wait a while! If you mean 04 you should have it by now!
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where are you at currently VJ? only sponsorship approval? or more?

I mean 05.. i was just curious as to since it´s sent to vegreville and they say they are only at march, will i have to wait 7 months until they get to sept and then another 6-7 for PR? or 7 total after sponsorship?


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I have been in Canada for two years, studying. I will finish end of this year. How to apply for Canadian permanent visa (landed)? Is it possible that I can apply while I am in Canada or I must apply from outside? Thanks

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