Last Landing date too soon .... !

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Subject: Last Landing date too soon .... !
  Hi friends,

I am currently working in Canada.

I got my passport request on 12 Oct. But I have plans to go to India on 28 Oct. and I am coming back to Canada on 14 Nov. So guys I need your advise on, Would it be safe to send the passport when I come back by postal mail or shall I go in person to Buffalo ? My last date for landing as told to me is 31st Dec. 05

I have a valid US visa.

Thanks all

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Can you please post your timeline.

If you send your passport to Buffalo by mail I doubt that you will get it back by the 28th of Oct. You can also send your passport after coming back from India on the 14th of Nov - although you should send your passport as soon as possible after getting the passport request.

You have the option of flying to Buffalo(On a Tuesday or Thursday only) and get the passport stamped on the same day. I think that this is a good option as you will get the visa on the same day and you can also complete your landing procedure before you leave for India.

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My timeline is:

PR application 5th Jan 04
Medicals rcvd 20th Oct 04
Medicals done 22nd Oct 04
Pspt request 12th Oct 05 (This one sucks !)

And Kenny, thanks for suggestion.

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My timeline is very much similar to yours. Your case gives us lots of hope although I got an email from Buffalo that my file will be reviewed for finalization in early 2006 !

At least, it is clear that they haven´t reached their quota and still issuing PPRs.

Best wishes.

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and please post your timeline in yogi site, that would be much helpful to many aspirants whose who are anxiously waiting for PPRs.
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I noticed that he got his PPR just before his medical expired. So that Jim Humphries dude( right. People who´s medicals are about to expire are getting PPRS.
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No, thats not correct. My medicals already expired on Sept 30. Instead of finalizing my application, Buffalo said that I don´t have to redo my medicals as it has already been extended (fortunately though).
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Congrats. Do not worry. Go to India first. Upon return, make a copy of the passport (for handy reference) and courier the passport to Buffalo ON THE SAME day. Do it as the first thing and everything will be OK.

I did something like this. Good luck.

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Thanks everybody !
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First things first. If I were you I would first process the visa by going in person to Buffalo and then complete the landing process in Canada before going to India. Things could happen when you are back home which might force you to alter your travel itinerary. Think about this seriously.
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