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Subject: CSQ timeline??
anybody from the uk apply to quebec for a CSQ recently and get approved, as i want to know the rough timeline, i have been by some people the whole process took 6 months to get landed, others have mentioned over a year or so


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Do you want to come as a skilled worker or are you sponsored?

If you are a skilled worker, it would not be too difficult if you DO speak French.

If you are sponsored, it would be easy. I am now sponsoring my wife and I should know what the timeline is in a few weeks. I will post it for the information.

Good luck

Less worried husband
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im going to be applying as a Skilled worker, i am considering starting to study french, as that will help my chances there, and will make communication easier,

know of any good places in montreal that teach french, a 4week or so course??


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French is a little difficult to learn. A 4-week course will be better than nothing but there will still a lot to learn. I know a young Japanese who took a 3-month course in Montreal. This young Japanese speaks enough French to be accepted by the Quebec Government, at least I think.

We cannot give name of schools here. Nonetheless, in looking in the yellow pages phone book, you will see many, many schools that could help you.

Good luck.

Less worried husband

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