Hi all I am currently working on completing ...

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Subject: Hi all I am currently working on completing ...
  Hi all
I am currently working on completing my application for a PR -Inland sponshership- as my wife is sponsering me to stay in canada...
I have been living in canada foe the past 3 years on a study permit ...
Now my question is the police clearance and the finger prints forms...
The Appendix A has police clearence form and Finger prints form ...
Do i have to fill them up and take the the finger prints and send them with my application or doi wait untile they ask me to do so ...
The only country i lived in for more than six months while i was over 18 is Syria and i already have a current police clearance from the syrian autorities ...do i send that too...

Please reply as soon as possible...
Thank you

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Not sure, but here´s how I interpret it:

"For the following countries, police certificates should not be obtained before applying for immigration. You may receive special instructions at a later date about police certificates for these countries"

- Syria is not on the list so you need police clearance before you send your application. If you have that already, great, just make sure it isn´t too old (they usually expire after a certain length of time, but if you´ve been in Canada 3 years and haven´t returned, then you won´t need a really recent one)

- The fingerprint form is for people who need their prints taken to get police clearance. If you have that already, you won´t need the fingerprint form. I applied inland and didn´t use that form at all (although I´m not from Syria).

- However, you HAVE lived in Canada for more than 6 months so you need an RCMP police check, which DOES use finger prints. Go to your local police station and they´ll tell you where and how to get it done (they usually have the forms you need there already, I don´t think it´s the one attached online but you could take a copy just in case).

The problem is that the RCMP check takes 150 days to process! So, get it done now (costs about $20) and include a letter saying you´re getting it done and will forward the results asap.

Good luck, the in- Canada process is long (7 months and rising) and I´m only just out of it. Not sure I´d do it again but it´s over and done with and I guess you have your studies!

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