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Subject: Medical Exam extended
  I applied from Buffalo Nov. 2003 (Skilled Worker). I finished my Medical Exam back to Oct. 2004. Now it has been more than one year after my medical exam. Several days ago, I sent fax to Buffalo asking for medical exam extension, and today I got an answer from the consulate that my medical exam has been extended to April, 2006.

I think it is a good news in some sense. At least I don´t need to redo the medical exam. But will they make the decision before the medical exam expires again? Cross my fingers.

Big Apple
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good news for you. maybe your case is being finalized. i am in the similar situation as yours. i applied in Jan 2004. i have been waiting for my pp request for 10 months and no sign of pp request. hope it will come soon.
i got stuck
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yes, your case almost over and they will send you the PP request about 2 month before that new date.

Good Luck

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Hello Big Apple:
Would you let me know where you are from? I am wondering if they are waiting for your background check or something like that?
I am in similar situation but the email response to me was "a decision should be made before end of this year". I did my medical in July ´05.

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We applied in Oct. 2003, our medicals expired more than a month ago (were done in Sept. 2004). did not hear anything from Buffalo recently. Waiting for PR. Thank you for you information- we´ll sent the inquary e-mail tomorrow. let´s be in touch.
spouse medical exam for sponsorship application (in reply to: Medical Exam extended)
Hi All;

My spouse did he medical exam for my PR application 6 months ago. Now if I want to sponsor her is that previous medical exam still valid or does she has to obtain a new one.

In the application kit it says she needs to go under medical examination.But I was not sure if we could use the old one since it has not been a year now.


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