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Subject: NY Buffalo PR Processing time
Hi! There, I had recently completed my medical & police clearance in June. It has past slightly more than three months now and had not heard from Buffalo CIC. Can someone advise what how long it will take to get the final PR notification? Many Thanks.
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My medical tests have been done in april,but i did n´t hear any thing from them until auguts.So, i requested them
about my status,they asked me to pay Right of Landing fee and i paid it on Aug 30th.Then onwards i am waiting for there response.
They are the stupid idiots,they want the money but they don´t want to process apllications quickly.

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Many thanks Vijay. Yeah I do not agree if cases backuo in their buffallo which I´d heard of, why can´t they put more resources to fix the problem. Case back-up cause alot of inconvenience to those who is interested to become part of Canada and alot of incomfortable speaking of humanity.
spouse' labor contract notarize? (in reply to: NY Buffalo PR Processing time)
According to the immigration guidline of canada General Consultant, the spouse´s notarized copy of labor contract from present and former employers are also repuired? I have difficulty to do so, I have submited my own, but I did not send the spouse´s, must I submit it?

I will appreciate if anybody answer my question.


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