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Subject: Fiancee to Wife....
I have submitted my application in March 2004 and I had got engaged in Nov 2003.

Now How can I add my Fiancee in my application...

I have just received my File no. so far...

I was living in Canada for 6 years and so applied at Bufflao. NowI am back home in India and will be going back to Canada in 2 months.

I am here in India right now and would like to take my Fiancee along with me... is there any way that she can join me ?

Thanks for the reply...

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Just submit the docs with a good and well-written (English) cover letter. Be sure to use GOOD English please.
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I am in the same situation as you even the time when I applied. You need to fil out following forms for your fiancee:
1. Schedule 1
2. Additional Family Information form
3. IMM 5476
4. Statutory Declaration form

Thank you need to provide proof of relationship at least for 1 year: bils to teh same address, pictures, shared bank account asn so on and file it ...

Good luck

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