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Subject: working but with no qualification
please,i work as a food contractor but i have not got any qualification.i would like to know if it will be possible to work and live in canada.
Akua Adwubi Ansah
working with no qualifications (in reply to: working but with no qualification)
there is 2 major ways to come to Canada. one is by having a family member sponsor you and the criteria for that is becoming more strict every day. I am not very familiar with this classification of immigration. You can also come as a skilled worker. There are many websites, including the Canadian Immigration site that let you find out if you have enough points to immigrate. Points are given for age, education, language skills (french or english) and adaptability. In total you must have 67 out of 100 possible points. You must also have sufficient money to get settled. There is a full list of requirements on most of these websites.

I do not know your current situation, but I would encourage you to think very carefully about your plans. Without language skills or qualifications, it is very hard to find work that pays a good salary. It is very expensive to live in Canada and we are finding more and more immigrants that are having a very hard time adjusting to their new life because of that reality.

I love my country, but we do not always do a good job of telling people exactly what the situation is like here. Good luck to you.


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