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Subject: BK CHK Timeline
  Is there a way to predict the timeline for BG Check. For most of use have same situation. Coming from a third country in the US applied to Buffalo.

My CAIPS mention BG CHKs begin in Feb 2005. I donot think I will hear anything before Dec 2005. I know it takes at least 9 months for BG Checks to clear. It may take longer even. I´m guessing.

Please share your time-line on BG Checks. (You can read than on your CAIPS, if you got one).

BTW - it is better to spend some money to get CAIPS rather than living under stress.

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I have seen 1 month and 15 months so there is no way to predict the timeline. and don´t count on the country your from or you´ve been living in, anything can happen in this stage.

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