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Subject: Unpaid work permit
I am a student in Canada. I have completed my degree. I am trying to get a job in Canada.

I am being offered a student internship in a company in Canada, it is an unpaid internship. Could anybody tell me how to get an unpaid work visa?

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Hi Mountains: Even if unpaid I beleive you will have to apply to change the conditions of your stay in Canada (Checking off work permit in your application form). This will be a post-grad work permit and valid for 1-2 years depending on where you currently reside. You wont need HRSDC confirmation since it´s a post-grad work permit. You can apply to Vegreville and you´ll get it in 1-2 months. Again, Im not 100% sure about this but you can call the call centre to confirm this. Best of luck and congrats on your job offer.
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Thanks Candice

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