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Subject: Need Help Family Sponsorship
  have applied to sponsor my parents in July 2003 and the application was received by CPC in May 2004. Does anyone know where I could accurately check the current processing times for family sponsorship?
I have been checking the status on

and the date has been June 24, 2003 forever.

Are they ways to expedite this process?

I was hoping to see my parents this Christmas.

Thank you, in advance.

maybe.... (in reply to: Need Help Family Sponsorship)
I think the only way to see the status is to either call the CIC or order a CAIPS file... Hope someone else can help better... good luck


CAIPS file (in reply to: Need Help Family Sponsorship)
Thank you for the reply.
Do you know if requesting a CAIPS file would slow down or affect my immigration sponsorship application in any way?

Thank you

(in reply to: Need Help Family Sponsorship)
Hi brother applied to sponsor our parents in July 2003 and we haven´t heard anything from CPC missisauga yet ...and there website is still stuck on June 24 2003. We´re not sure whats going on.

We thought about CAIPS notes ...but we need a file number for that (I think) and we don´t have a file number yet.

Any suggestions/comments are welcome.

Sponsorship of parents (in reply to: Need Help Family Sponsorship)
Zeus what is your address?
Sponsor parent (in reply to: Need Help Family Sponsorship)
Join us

You e-mail address blocked

family sponsorship (in reply to: Need Help Family Sponsorship)
Today March 27 2005 I found out that -of course- application processing time for "other relatives" moved from 20 to 21 months. This has been happening systematically and I´m as fed up of this abuse as I think you are. I´ve sent the papers for sponsoring my mother back in August 2003, and still waiting of course.
I have thought today of calling someone in "media contacts" in the cic.gc website. Any ideas? Has anyone tried this? Has anyone tried writing to an editor of a newspaper. IS THERE ANYTHING ANYONE CAN DO so that the Minister Mr. Volpe realizes of the big gap between spouses and other relatives processing times huge gap????
Thanks a lot, and sorry for the caps... I´m so angry.

i want to be sponsored (in reply to: Need Help Family Sponsorship)
my names are ssuubi viola ,am an orphan my dad deid when i was still young and my mum has just deid recently.i have no one to take care of me,yet i want to continue with my studiesand my young sister of 5 years still in a high in africas my country is ugand.any one who can help me is appreciated.plizzzzzzzzz my young sister is still young am the one who can cater for her and my self.i need help
your srrowfull
ssuubi viola

my email address (in reply to: Need Help Family Sponsorship)
my emai address is
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