Canada PR vs. U.S. Green Card

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Subject: Canada PR vs. U.S. Green Card
  I´m currently in H1B visa in U.S for almost 7 years.
I applied for Canada PR just for a back-up and my medical & police clearance has submitted in June . It was my Meantime, my U.S PR application filed by my employer moved alone well and it move to adjust of status stage. Now I had an odd since once Canada Immigration request me to turn in my passport and issue me a VISA prepare for landing. Shall I haave problem in the following on both of my Canada & U.S. PR application:
1. If U.S. immigration notice I have a Canada PR stamp on my passort. Will U.S. reject my P.R. application?
2. How much time I can have after canada issue/approve a stamp for landing in Canada.
3. Can I still work in U.S. and continue my U.S. Green Card application after my landed in Canada.
Many thanks of a second opinion on my situation.

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Don´t you know that there are several applicants like me who have long been queued because of applicats like your who already have a Green Card and still selfish enough to grab Canadian PR as back-up? Aren´t you contented to be in placed in one country? Have you been thinking that your application has contributed the backlog causing delays to other applicants who have no green cards and only long for Canada?
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So u need backup.
Which country u from man/woman?
What u plan to do in Canada apart from backup?
Be careful backup may backfire?
U will have several problems if immigration in U.S.A and Canada realise the game u are playing, especially Canada.

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why it can be a problem ?? isn´t everybody have the right to choose the best for themselves ? having a Canadian PR stamp in your passport shouldn´t cause any problem for US greencard process (interview). are you saying that person with canadian PR doesn´t have the right to get US greencard (GC) ? that can´t be right. even a person with canadian citizen can get US GC. why a problem? what´s the logic ?
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There is nothing more to argue on this matter. Just let the original poster go on with his application for US GC and it´s up to him to find out if it cause him problems.
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Problem is man that of backup.
If you are dedicated to U.S.A/Canada there´s no problem.
The problemo is that of intent man!

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guys! appreciate all your feedbacks. But, with your all constructive inputs and you perhaps do not know what was my real intention. Problem is my current job in an airline industry doesn´t made me feel comfortable that I can hang in here to get my US GC which the next step which I am facing now in this US GC process can take somewhere 18-24 months to be completed and I don´t know any good or bad outcome. It is my decision to take after 4 years I had been waiting and go for this canada PR. I do not want to be kicked back and without a backup plan. This is my intention. It is my choice to stay but with a plan. It is nothing to do with any playing game. I´m now stuck with a decision which either should I hang around in US (live here for almost 11 years) pretending all will be OK or move to Canada. Your input is much more appreciated.

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Mr. Chin

How do you know you will not face the "uncomfortable" job
problem in Canada?

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I think you misinterpretation of what I mean of "Uncomfortable". It is "Unsecure" and I can be kicked out... Zessss
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What makes you think that cannot happen in Canada.
We are no asylum for dropouts from the U.S.A.

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the job situation in the airline industry is the same in Canada as the US. No security of employment on this side of the boarder. sorry.
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isn´t canada and US are 2 separate entities? shouldn´t it be OK. as of problem of intent ? what´s the diff. with , say, a person citizen of country X applying US GC. there´s no guarantee that this person will stay in the US once this person got the US GC. the person could easily go back to his/her own country for good and neglect the GC. just my opinion.....