Does UK office update eCAS?

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Subject: Does UK office update eCAS?
  Hi all!
i am in the process of sponsoring my wife.
I applied the sponsorhip file in CPC-M and used to check the status of her application on eCAS. After CSQ, the file was transferred to London UK to process immigration. Ever since, the status of eCAS was never updated even though my wife recieved many letters from the london high commission such as requesting additional information, repeating the medical test
the only message displayed there is:
we started the processing of the application in Feb 11 2005
Does anybody know if they update this page fromt he london embassy, or if there is a way to contact them so that they update it?
Please share your experience

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Mine eCAS is still the smae since 10/01/2005, I got my CSQ in 11/2004...try to e-mail them!!!!
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