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  I am a Canadian Citizen, I established a relationship with my Husband (British/Irish Dual Citizen) in 1999 and we were married in Ontario in 2001, he was in Canada on a regular visitor?s visa, he entered Canada in 2000 but overstayed. We lived together in Canada from 2000 until 2004, when he was issued a Exclusion Order for 1 year (as a result of the overstay). I moved with him to Northern Ireland and have been living with him here since that time. His exclusion order is now expired; I want to know if it will present any obstacle for us when I submit a Sponsorship application for him to return to Canada with me.
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Just to add to the above information, My Husband is now free to return to Canada, as a visitor, for up to 6 months, and can use either his British or Irish passport.
And while my husband was unable to apply for status during his overstay, only a few months later Citizenship and Immigration Minister Joe Volpe announced a new public policy under which legal immigration status is no longer a requirement for spouses and common-law partners of Canadian citizens and permanent residents in Canada who wish to apply for permanent residence status in the Spouse or Common Law Partner in Canada Class.

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Hey Dont worry. just go ahead with your sponsorship application immediately. Remember the immigration office will assess 2 things.
1) The person you sponsor falls in the category that you applied for
2) The relationship is genuine and continuing and not entered for the purpose of immigration only.

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My name is Cindy I arrived in Canada last May 2004, I applied under a work permit unfortunately my agency only provided me a tourist visa, I made a complaint about that agency and the recruiter caused I paid US$10,000 just to processed my live in caregiver paper it was loan and havent pay yet and resulted to get my parents house and lot as collateral. while in canada I made a refugee claimed but it was refused, I also applied humanitarian and compassionate last april 2006 but due to my removal order I left the country last October 2006 exactly the date they wanted me to leave, it been 2 years now since my exclusion order is over, just wonderin if my application for Humanitarian while Im out of the country is still in process and get a chance to comeback to canada I truly suffer hardship in my origin country and the fact that the person who victimized me is in Canada Toronto is there any chance to help it to my case, what will be the best way I applied caregiver and it was refused 2 years ago, I am so frustrated as Im still looking for justice, I also want to pay the responsibilities I left in Canada like my credit cards, and also to pay back to my parents as they blame me as well for what happen to me, I was well stable when I was in Canada had a good job, unlike in my country no job and suffer a harddship and been criticized my own people and blaming me for what happen to me, in short Im not only exhausted Im very fraustrated but I want to come back in a proper way, is there any way? your response is truly appreciated may God bless.
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