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Subject: Medical Experience
  Hi all: Has anybody in Toronto had a good medical experience? I mean, in terms of being open to answering questions regarding tracking numbers for the package sent to Ottawa and if your medicals are clear? From your experience, can you recommend anyone? I know Buffalo sends you a list of medical practitioners but Id rather choose someone that someone can vouch for. Or does it really matter?

I haven´t even received my IA yet but am planning ahead to keep busy. Hehehe.

hi candice (in reply to: Medical Experience)
hi candice, how are you doing ? looks like you did not get a chance to scan your letters. No problem, please send me whenever you can. I will wait

thank you

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Hi Candice, I believe that most of those in the DMP list are pretty reliable. However, you as the client should also take extra precaution..make sure your doctor is completing the medical forms correctly, and demand for a receipt and a mailing system with tracking number. In canvassing for rates you might want to consider asking for the following:

1. Is the fee inclusive of everything: x-rays; all tests; mailing.

2. How soon do they normally send out medical results to CIC...they may charge you less but takes forever to send out so...


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Thanks Joe05. I guess that was what I was trying to get to the bottom of. Thanks for clearing that up for me. You are always so helpful :)
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