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  I am Living in Georgia, USA. I had applied for Canada Immigration at Buffalo Office. I have around 12 Years of IT Experience, Out of 12 Years 7 years of Experience is in India and 5 Years in USA.

Out of this 5 Years in USA, I had some time without IT Job.

I had Interivew at Detroit, And I could not satisfy Immigraiotn Office with my US Work Experice.

Is it possible that they can deny my Application, if they are not satisfied with my evidance of US Experience.

Can I request them to consider my IT Experience in India rather than USA.

What is my chances...?


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Hi Joseph,

Can you please tell us your time line? When was your interview? What did the immigration official say after the interview was over?

Your only need 4 years of full-time work experience to get the max points. So technically there should not be a problem even if you are not able to conclusively prove some of your work experience in US as you have sufficient work experience in India. By the way did you show them your W2´s for the last 5 years you have worked in US as well as tax returns in India?

The only problem you can face is if you have lied on your application and during the interview. This can result in rejection of your application due to missrepresentation of facts. If you have told the truth then there is nothing to worry about.

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You don´t need to request them to consider your experience in India..they should and I´m sure they did. If you have an accumulated 4 years within the last 10 years then you should be okay. We are almost in the same situation...IT but with bench period in the fact I am doing a non-IT job now and the officer did not seem to mind. Didn´t the officer mention anything about your chances. She/he should have told you if you passed or not.

Visit this link regularly to check if your case is ready for visa issuance...goodluck

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