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Subject: Time line baffalo CIC
Could any one tell me that what is current time line for the Baffalo.Is the compltere process time is more than 2 years For SW? or still few of the Lucky people are getting responses with in 18 monthsfor their PR.
Thanks to all
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Accdg to CIC website...SW, Buffalo

Buffalo 30% of cases - finalized in 18 months
50% of cases - finalized in 24 months
70% of cases - finalized in 31 months
80% of cases - finalized in 34 months

here´s the link for the complete processing times of outside Canada applicants, SW:


In reality (Buffalo, SW), I have read very few cases finished in 1 year and on the average 2 to 3 years....goodluck

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when i checked the webpage about a few months ago, it was much shorter.
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Visit www.northcool.com It is still beginning, but has potential to be a good site.
And no, I don´t know who manages it, I am not self-promoting.


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