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I sent my application in Aug 2005 and received AOR in Sep 2005. I know IA won´t arrive until the next 7-9 months. But what i want to know is what CIC will do after AOR is sent and what the IA is for?
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Also what i should expect when IA comes and how long am i away from getting passport request?
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You should contact Buffalo, i know a lot of people applied on Aug got IA, even Sep people, there is something wrong here
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sorry, it´s my mistake, I thought your timeline is 2004
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Thank you for reply, but you didn´t answer any of my questions though.
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In between AOR and IA there is a chance that you might get IELTS request if you haven´t done it and if they find the need to request it. Once you get your IA you will be informed whether you are required to attend an interview or not. Depending on which your process might get dragged out further. In IA you will also be asked to do your medical test and submit any additional documents that they may require. With regards to a timeline, we are all at a loss since there is no recurring pattern we can depend on. CIC changes its timelines on a regular basis so sorry, I cant help you there.
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Thank you so much! This is exactly what i need to know.
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8-12 MONTH FROM AOR TO GET IA. If you are missing your IELTS spec. , they will ask for it , maybe after 1-2 months after your AOR. However, if you submited your IELTS, you will have to wait 8-12 m for your IA.
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