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  Sorry, yes... I get mad when I hear people talking about trying to abuse the system. I´m a Canadian, I´ve lived here my whole life, pay taxes here, contribute to the economy. I listen to my government talk about how committed they are to keeping families together, yet they´re keeping mine apart.

Our conjugal application was absolutely refused for political reasons, namely an American Republican who happens to work for Canadian Consulate in Buffalo, and who is now currently under investigation for multiple unjust refusals because apparently she has issues with fellow Americans immigrating to Canada. It wasn´t for lack of proof, or lack of an impediment to marriage.

We´ve since married and are starting from scratch under Spousal class. I´m a little unhappy with my government at the moment, but we´re dealing with it, jumping through all the hoops like everyone else, but when someone comes along and says "Can my ex girlfriend sneak me into the country under family class?" I get a LITTLE BIT PISSY.

I´m sorry if my anger was misdirected.

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conjugal sponsorship and long distance relationships are really a stretch for CIC. hopefully, they will move their relationship thinking into the 21st century soon. There is something dispicable about planning your genuine relationships around CIC verification.

I heard a horrible stat from an immigration consultant who said that almost 50% of sponsorship cases are fraudulent. It is hard to be angry at CIC when you hear those numbers. Chelle, you have a right to be pissy. CIC let you believe a Conjugal sponsorship was doable. I have yet to hear of a successful application.

For those who make it hard for the legitimate applications... I hope you all rot.

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hear hear Chelle and Sharon..


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WTF, FWchelle, you have a kid with your husband, what do they mean it´s not reasonable.

why can´t they imagine if this is their kids and husband/wife, what gotta happen.


departure bay
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*walks into the room* hmmmm where have I seen all you before?????

I´ve observed the same thing as sharon, Conjugal should be listed as give us our money and we´ll waste your time.

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Maybe i should have checked my spelling before I posted that.
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Hey there guys, I´m sorry about the discusion. FWChelle. I´m sorry about what you´re going through. Believe me, I´ve been there. I know what´s like to be apart the person you love. Well, I understand you are canadian, so I guess you do have the change to visit your partner, or him to visit you in a constant basis. I am Colombia, I need a visa to go to any country there is. I´ve been rejected 3 times to get a US tourist visa, so I can´t even visit my partner. He has to come down here. We lived together here in Bogot? for 2 years and we´ve been apart almost 2 of the 5 years we´ve been together, and he can´t sponsor me to live in the US because the closed minded US government won´t recognize our relationship. So that´s why we´re moving to Canada, he applied in the SW category last december, but nothing has happened since then, even though we hired a lawyer, but I´m kind of disappointed at that lawyer.
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Me.... don´t be sorry. it is real life. I am in a similar boat. My guy got his first visitors visa in 3 years after 4 attempts. I get 3 weeks of holidays a year. It costs me almost $3,500 in airfare to go see him. How many times do you think I can do that kind of trip?

Sponsorship is not for the faint of heart.

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