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Subject: decision made
  I went hong kong one week before for my interview and now my eclients showing decision made and office will contact me regarding that decision made.

I have´t recived medical form can any body explaing me about that decision made.

my time line is august 2001
interview 17 oct 2005

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it most probably is: rejected
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someone had a similar situation on another site and it was indeed, rejected. Good luck though, hope it could be an error on their part.
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No - it may not be rejection. The decision is : you are asked to appear an interview.

Be positive, you would be fine.

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Hello ahmed,
iam in exactly the same situation, applied in 2001, and the interview is scheduled for Nov.!
would u plz tell me, how was the interview. what did the interviewer told u?

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You say your interview was Oct. 17, 2005, I wouldn´t start to worry to much yet. It could be a few more months before CIC gets off their ass and requests for you to do medical.
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DECISION MADE if positive or passed is: if u submitted all the necessary documents like the interview+IELTS, passed medical results, FBI+police clearances, fund statement etc...

Sorry to say that u might as well turn into another plan...either re-apply and seek assistance or look for another opportunities..

Anyway...Canada is not the World...maybe there´s something better for u..cheer up!

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