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Subject: PPR in October - Buffalo, part 2
  I started this, as i couldn´t reply to the one Kool started...

as for kool and Hell...I can fully feel your pain, cause that is a long wait. you could try to snail mail them, using delivery confirmation, to see if it could jumpstart your application. you can use the kind where they have to sign a del. confirmation ticket, that is to be delivered back to you. i did that, and they stamped the ticket, and also responded to my letter. that is the only way i respond to them now, cause someone has to stamp the ticket, so at least you know it got their safely, and who knows, maybe someone might look into it...just my two cents.

SG1, i remember your timeline now, from another post...our´s is very similar, in fact.

and Candice...yeah, i think you are in for a long wait, too :( wonder if you might get IA though, since it would be right at eight months for october. i got mine in exactly eight months. then again, could be delayed even for IA´s now, due to the slow down. i love how cic won´t let you know anything. oh well, i´m wishing you good luck though.

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Do you mean a letter or a fax will wake up them?
I had my medical done in March, but when I fax them to ask my status in July, they replied me they hadn´t got my medical result and let me check my doctor. I finally know that because the CIC Buffalo office made a mistake to my day of birth, the Ottawa medical service center did not send them my medical result. I got their reply after the Ottawa medical service resent my medical result: ??all medicals are in our system??, nothing after then. Do you think a fax will help?

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sometimes it will..its not a given it will work all the time, but i´ve read many posts on other sites and its seemed to work for others. i say try it, cause it won´t hurt.
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let me reiterate...mainly for those waiting for PPR, did those letters/faxes seem to help. not too sure about IA´s though.
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Thanks, does CIC often make mistake like this? do they response to the delay?
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I don´t think its a mistake on their part, as much as it a lack of concern for all those applying. its almost as if they are coming to work, just to collect a paycheck and go home. just doesn´t seem like a lot of compassion on their part, when our lives are basically in their hands. my immigration consultant told me, they actually lost a clients entire application...how in the hell do you lose an entire packet? to me, there is no excuse for that.

Someone on another site claimed that the russian cic posted about further waiting times, since the pre-2002 cases are now going back into the loop. buffalo, on the other hand, just keeps sending out generic emails about "finalization in early 2006". yeah, that really tells us a lot.

CIC just doesn´t seem people friendly when it comes to their end of the process. come on, when you have to order caips, to see what might be causing a delay ( missing document, for example), that´s when it becomes ridiculous. as much time and money we put into the process, they should be the ones who are sending letters out instead of depending on caips to let us know.

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you can´t belive this one:

September 03 AOR
June 04 medicals completed
and since then it´s still in BChk!!!
I sent them too many faxes but they just replied to one of them( it was 3 months before medical expiraton)and they said they ´re waiting for my BChk!
You have no idea How it feels.

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