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Subject: Frustrated....
  I was married back in November to a Canadian citizen (I was born and raised in the US). We have since been living in Canada. I mailed my application back in March. I am feeling so frustrated because I have not heard anything from CIC Vegreville. I called today and the officer informed me that no one has even looked at my application.

Does anyone know what is going on? I feel like packing my bags and heading back to the states?.

We received your application for permanent residence on March 08, 2005.

We started processing your application on June 07, 2005.

We received a letter from you on September 14, 2005. Thank you for providing the information.

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if you look at the processing times vegreville is now reviewing applications as of March 17th now i believe.. you have "heard from them" as eclient says they started processing in June...

my application has just been sent in (as of September) apparently they are 6 months behind.. at least they are processing yours. It will take at least 8-10 months, and with the backlog, maybe more. but considering they are processing, apparently the sponsorship was approved, so now they are working on the PR.

did they ask you for the information you sent in? if so, that can add a few more weeks to the processing... anytime they need more info, it will delay the process more.

just stay calm and relax.. did you include EVERYTHING (medicals/fees/FBI etc in the application?) if so i´m sure IA isn´t far behind...

come visit us at we talk about immigration but also everyday life so that you don´t go stircrazy. you aren´t the only incanada applicant going through this. :)

How long it takes ? (in reply to: Frustrated....)
Applied Jul 2004
Got my file # in Aug 2004
They asked for Language test in MAY 2005 - did it right away. Sent on 05/14/2005
Today is 10/25/2005 !!!!!
e-client says - in process
No letters, no news
Messaged Bufflo about application status 3 times - got answer - they do not know!
What is going on down there
Anybody has the same situation?
Help me!

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peter, AG was talking sponsorship, not skilled worker..
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Thanks, everyone.

I have sent everything in. And no, they never asked for everything else. ejspet, I posted on your forum :-)

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