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Subject: PR cards/Temp Visa??
  Hello All,

I got my canadian PR for my family( my wife and 2 kids )in last June and drove to Vancouver from California, USA to complete all the formalities of PR.I applied for SIN cards along with my family and for the PR cards also with a local mailing address and came back to US after a week.

I recieved my SIN cards for me and my family to the local address in Canada.

I did not recive PR cards but instead 2 letters were recieved from CIC on my name and my spouse name stating that photos/signatures are not matched on our application form for PR cards and an interview was scheduled on August 25 th to appear in person to do it again for issuing PR cards.
And also my kids did not get any PR cards nor any letters as we got.

Since I do not have a visa to enter Canada what is my status now?

How do I get in to Canada and where do I get visa?

If there is no problem with my kids applications (aged about 18 and 15) why they did not get PR cards?

I wrote to CIC about my inability to keep the scheduled interview date and requested for another date as I am out of Canada,but there is response from them till date.

I want this interview to be rescheduled for another 3 months as I am busy with my work in US.

What is my PR status now?

I am totally confused.

Please advice.


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Hi Dan,

I think you will need to apply for a permanent residence visa..its meant for people who were initially issued the immigrant visa (as in your case) and landed in Canada, then left Canada and were not in possession of a PR card when they wanted to return to Canada because a card had not been issued to them.

Contact the CIC office in charge of your area and tell them your problem. They will advise you how to apply for the PR visa.


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