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Subject: after medicals???
  After you complete your medicals and give the final documents, does the CIC also do a canadian background check. We applied from the u.s, but hear they also do this background check. we have wondered because we submitted these documents in jan 2005, and have heard nothing since then. any thoughts???? thanks....
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Which country are you from originally? I guess it depends on the ease with which the countries cooperate with the background check

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Background check is done by visa post processing application, with help of other visa posts in countries where edu and exp credential may came from. It verifies your claimed background data, educational and experience credentials.

Security check (also called background/security check) is conducted completely outside Immigration by Canadian intelligence and security agencies, with or without cooperation of proper authorities in all countries you resided in since age 18 (for some national since age 16). It looks deep (very deep) into your background, life, activities and associations to see if you are or ever were involved and/or are or were associated in any way with someone who is or was involved in terrorism, espionage, organized crime, crimes against humanity, radical groups, etc.
This check usually starts after successful interview or interview waiver and depending from your background, nationality, countries you resided in and other factors may take anywhere from few months to over a year to complete.

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thanks for that information. i am from the u.s, my partner from brasil. we applied 10/03, aor11/03, interview waived and final docs/ medical in 1/05. we have been in no trouble or associations with trouble, except my partner received a dui in the u.s 8 yrs ago, however meets all the criteria and applied for criminal rehabilitation certificate, required in this case. they have not said no so far, but we are waiting now over 9 months. just curious as to what was next, and that information certainly helps. tim
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It seems like an awful long wait with no contact. Have you tried emailing them about the status of your file? Or maybe ordering CAIPS notes?
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I thought so too. i e mailed cic about 3 weeks ago, and the only thing they said was " pending right of permanent residence fee" I THEN E MAILED BACK AGAIN, asking for just a little bit more info, and they replied " your file needs to be reviewed by an officer first, then we will tell you how and when to pay the right of permanent resident fee". I did not ask about that, yet this was their response. what does this sound like to anyone? positive or hard to say?
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