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Subject: Use of Representative
  Has anyone had any experience with family/friends being listed as "representatives?" Does this just allow them to do business on your behalf (which I would think would be useful in they live in Canada) or does this actually put them in charge of your case as if they were an attorney?

(I have a close/old friend in Ottawa who I trust implicitly who has offered to do legwork for me if needed, but as far as I can see, this is the only way she would be able to do anything.)


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yes, this is good for such things as ordering CAIPS notes. You can also authorize a person as your rep. after you have sent your application using the correct required forms available on CIC website.
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Hi Asha,

Use of representative (paid or not paid) is not required. Sometimes paid consultants mess up your application :). Here is a link from CIC website about paid or not paid representatives...


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Thanks! I´ve read all the stuff on CIC and while it says a bunch, there´s too much that it DOESN´T say. I just want to make sure that if I send in these forms for her (unpaid rep) that my case doesn´t end up entirely in her hands. (She doesn´t want this either!)
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