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Subject: To Degen95 and other Oct/Nov 04 Apps
  Hey Degen! That is BREAKING NEWS! That´s almost as good as receiving communication from another galaxy. Congratulations man. Ok I know it does not bear good news but atleast it IS news. I have a question for you, did you try to communicate with them requesting a status update or did they just send it to you from out of the blue?

It kills me how they dont give you a ballpark time frame. It´s really not in their vocabulary. ´Coming months´ it seems. Pfffft!

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they sent it out of the blue; didn´t ask for anything as i was patiently awaiting the IA. i´m using an attorney and they sent an email attachment with the letter.

they really only said, "coming months". i suppose they want to give themselves enough time. if they gave a ballpark time frame, they know people will follow up and i take it that they don´t like people asking too much.

all i can do now is wait. i really can´t envision a landing any time sooner than the middle of ´07 at this rate.

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