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Subject: IA- flash news.....(Buffalo)
  Hi all;

Finally its my turn to say i got it.......i got my IA today;

-No interview req
-No additional docs
-Only medicals req :)

Seems like they are evaluating the cases step by step ....

Hang in there (all oct04-nov04 applicants)......you will be getting your IA´s soon

Applied :Oct04
Aor:Feb05 (stated: 36weeks to IA from my file processing date)
IA:Oct05 (Got it in almost 36weeks time line)

J Curious
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Congrats man

Just wanted to know are u on F1 or H1 status.

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Great! Congratulations! It´s nice to see Buffalo getting back to work.

Well, my AOR said: "You will receive additional information and/or instructions within approximately 52 weeks" So maybe it´s true and I´ll get my IA in march 2006.

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do you have work arrangement in canada? usually they ask you recent bank statement & FBI.
congratulations for you!!!! I´m still waiting mine. AOR June05. still got plenty of time...

truly TX
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Hey JC: Congratulations. Thats the best news ever! Hopefully I can expect mine next month. Woohoo!
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Woohoo! Congrats J!

I have the same time line as you. Now I can finally expect it.

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good for you!! at least something is happening for somebody.
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Hey JC. A few questions
1. Are you in Canada or the US?
2. Did you have arranged employment?
3. Did you do your IELTS?
4. What are your qualifications, if you dont mind me asking (masters? PhD? good job?)

Im just trying to determine how you got your IA while degen95 just got a letter saying he´ll get his in a couple of months. It doesn´t make any sense. Then again, nothing CIC does makes any sense. I´m sorry Im resorting to speculation but if CIC doesnt tell me anything, what else am I to do.

Thats all. Oh, and congratulations again. You must be on top of the world :)

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Hey Candice; wats up

1. Canada eh! :)
2. Yes i do
3. Nope (provided enough supporting doc´s)
4. I am an engineer and working towards my second degree

About how CIC evaluate each cases; god knows!.....i guess you will be getting some communication this coming weeks as they are now processing oct04-nov04 applications

Best of luck!

The waiting game is not yet over---- Next big step after Medical is now how long it will take for PPR?????

J Curious
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who knows..some people have letters saying 36 weeks,while others say 52 or 60 weeks, even though we all applied in oct/nov 2004.

i think they may be processing based on your occupation, intended destination and perhaps other factors including arranged employment.

i am just a bit frustrated that all this time they haven´t even looked at my application so its just as if i applied this october instead of last.

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