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Subject: Information Needed
Hi All.
Is there any good Discussion forum for QUEBEC IMMIGRATION ONLY.
It must be in English.
Replies will be appreciated.

Information Needed (in reply to: Information Needed)
Hi All,

I need to know some day-to-day life issues in Canada. Who can help? My questions are regarding the basic infrastructures, pollution, standard/cost of living etc. How will you compare US & Canada?


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You have to learn basic french. Montreal is a nice city with lots of opportunities. I am sure you will like there. People , at the immigration, are helpful. You will be shocked with the health system. You have to wait long hours at the hospital if you go to emergency service. Cost is depends on Which city you live in. I have no idea about US. But If you have been in England or Europe before, I just can say Europe is much better for surviving. Here in Canada you can´t find job easily. At least you must have a Canadian Experience.
Anyway, Canada is still a nice country if your loves are there...
My husband and daughter are in Edmonton. And I am trying to immigrate .

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>Montreal is a nice city with lots of opportunities

This is absolute rubbish. It IS a nice city but there are no job opportunities unless you´re Quebecois and want to work in an office or as something mundane. Europe is not better for surviving because Europe is expensive. At least Montreal is relatively cheap.

Information Needed (in reply to: Information Needed)
I´m a bit confused now. Is Canadian economy doing bad? The unemployed is only 6.8%. I´m an IT professional. How´s IT scenario there? What about the cost/standard of living?

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