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Subject: Attn: Issabella (CAIPS)
Hi Issabella. It looks like your ppr is very near. Congrat!
Can you please provide more info about your caips.
What does your caips say about CRIM, SEC, BDEC, and SECURITY DECISION?
Are they all "1"?

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is "1" means OK?
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security decision, BDEC has a date
sec , crim are blank

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thank you issabella for your answer. i figure "1" (means ok) does not neccessarily have to appear in CRIM and SEC sections for the finalization. Does anyone have second opinions?

my caips also says the same. security decision, BDEC has a date, which is about a year ago, and sec ,crim are blank. but FBI was pending as of aug 2005, which i sent it in sept. currently iam waiting my 2nd caips.

however what does the date mean?
in my caips, security decision, BDEC has the same date.


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