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  I really get fed up with the immigration procedures. Nothing is clear. Especially for those who applied out side of Canada. My husband is in Canada. I am in my home country. I want to be patient. I don´t even know what to do? I started using Prozac. Crying , not talking with others, always checking my E-Cas. I think I am crazy. Hughh.
what´s your mood? Same as me or not?

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the same, only I think a little different. I have concluded that all the worry in this world will not make things go faster. I can check e-client once a day or once per week and I will know the same information soon enough. We try so hard to find comparisons to hold on to - (other applicants) and then we are devastated when our situation is not identical. I look at the information provided by CIC. they say how long things are taking. I have begun to ignore what happens to everyone else. It only makes me crazy because there is no logic to it, and no pattern.

Live you life in blocks of time rather than day to day. go out for a walk, read a book, write letters to your partner...CIC will do its thing, in its own time, in its own way and eventually - you will have exactly what you want.

take care of yourself!

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Hey hopeless. Just hang in there. I would go crazy if I let it get to me but that´s the secret - dont let it get to you. Keep yourself busy. The other thing that helps me is having things to look forward to (aside from getting your PR). For now, the next thing to look forward to is Christmas. After Christmas, I might get tickets to a basketball game or a concert a month away so I can look forward to that. Anyway, I´ve been doing stuff like that since last November - just trying to keep sane. Dont worry. Your time will come. Oh and stay off the prozac :) Peace!
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