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Subject: things to do right after landing
  I am working in the US and got my immigration visa to Canada soon. I plan to take a week off from work to land in Canada and come back to the US to take care of things.

My questions are: is one week enough time to handle the landing process? What paperwork I need to file? What government agency I need to register for residency, healthcare, etc.

I have no clue. Any help will be helpful. Thanks.

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is a week in Canada enough? (in reply to: things to do right after landing)
Thanks Rana.

I only plan to stay in Canada for a week upon landing. I will return to the US and won´t go back to Canada until 6 months later. So, is the week´s time enough to get all the paperwork done? Or is it too long a time? Thanks.

Any other takers of this questions?

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go to local HRDC office apply Social Insurance Number, should be free for initial.

go to local access centre, apply provincial health card, which takes about 3 month to mail it to you.

go to driver service, change your driver license.
you are fro U.S, don´t have to take any exam to change your driver license.

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The most important thing is to have an address in Canada as your PR card will only be mailed to an address in Canada. As you are not planning to settle down in Canada immediately you should only apply for the SIN card initially. It will only take you a few minutes to apply for SIN card. The SIN card will be sent out to you in 4 to 6 weeks.

You can open a bank account and apply for the health card and drivers lisence later on when you finally move.

Documents for Landing:

?Passport with Immigrant Visa
?Landing Papers
?Birth Certificate
?Marriage Certificate
?Drivers License
?School College Certificates/Diplomas
?Health Records, if any
?Goods to Follow List ? 2 copies
You can get the format by searching the internet or this forum.
?Car Registration Documents ?if importing at the time of Landing
?Proof of funds.

On Landing:
PR Card: The immigration officer would take your address in Canada. If you don?t have it you have to notify (call them) them within 180 days. Apart from that you don?t have to do anything for it. Newly arriving permanent residents automatically receive a PR card as part of the immigration process.

Pickup booklet Welcome to Canada: What You Should Know.
If you arrive in Toronto, Montr?al or Vancouver, you will find immigrant reception services in the airport.

First Few things to do in Canada:

1.Open a Bank Account (You can open an account after you finally move to Canada)

2.Apply for SIN Card

You can get a SIN application form through the Human Resources Development Canada Centre near you or you can download one from the Internet at

Documents Needed
Primary document:
If you are a Permanent Resident, submit one of the following documents. Documents must be originals.
?Permanent Resident Card
?Confirmation of Permanent Residence and Visa counterfoil in foreign passport
?Record of Landing (will be phased out starting June 2003 and eliminated by December 31st, 2003)

Your card should be received by mail within three weeks from the date you submit your application, providing it meets all criteria.

3. Call to give your PR Card Address, if you have not done so at Landing.

4. Apply for Health Card ( Apply for the health card after you finally move to Canada)

You can get an application form from the provincial ministry of health office, any doctor´s office, a hospital or a pharmacy.

To apply for a health card, you will need your birth certificate, Record of Landing (IMM 1000) or Confirmation of Permanent Residence (IMM 5292) and passport. The Permanent Residence card may also be presented. Some provinces have a waiting period while in some you are covered as soon as you apply for it.

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Hi Kenny,

Could you please advice me in following situation

For Landing I went to Calgary and gave Toronto Address but by mistake for PR Card and SIN Card I gave wrong address.I came to know after 1 month that address was wrong.

After Living few days in calagry I came back to US with my family.

Now what should I do ? My friends in Canada already corrected the address but PR call centre told him our card is already mailed.

Other thing I did not an open bank account.Should I try to open now online ?

thanks in advance


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Hi Tom,

You should ask your friend in Canada to call the PR call center and tell them that your PR card has been lost in the mail. He should also ask them what should be done to get new PR card.

Please visit the following link to get more information about the PR card.

You dont need to open a bank account right now. You can do that when you finally move to Canada.

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Hi Kenny,
Your advices are a lot of help for those wanting to immigrate to Canada.

I´ve read your post... so does that mean that once you land in Canada and go through the process in the airport, you´d be given the PR card already. You don´t have to wait for it by mail?

If this is not so, can a friend of mine in Canada just receive it for me (planning to just stay for 2-3 weeks in Canada) and then send it to me thru post/courier? Can I leave the country without the PR?

Thanks kenny!

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First landing in Canada (in reply to: things to do right after landing)
What are the things to do once I first land in Canada. I am flying from UAE. What are the procedures for importing my car as well along with this if I need?
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