waiting for final review!

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Subject: waiting for final review!
  I just got this letter from buffalo this morning:

" Please be advised that your application is in a queue awaiting final review by the responsible officer.unfortunatey ,we cannot gurantee a timeline frame for finalization on your case."

Do u have any idea what does it mean? does it mean we cannot get it early 2006?

by the way,my husband and I are students in canada and our time line is :
AOR:Sept 2003
MED:June 2004
Doc:Oct 2004

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No clue. However, was it unsolicited letter from CIC or did you ask for a status update?


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did u get this by e-mail or regular mail?
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after too many faxes they sent me this letter by mail.
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I´m just wondering whether it means background check is finished or not?
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Cannot tell. Suggest you order CAIPS. Buffalo usually sends out general reply to status inquiry.
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