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Subject: indian h1bs?
  Hello. I´m waiting for my PPR but I´m thinking of going Vancouver BC over thanksgiving (from the US). I will need to get a Canadian visa to go there. Then, I have to apply for a US h1b visa to get back to the states. Has anyone done this recently? Is it pretty much textbook or should I be worried about rejections etc? Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks.


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You face two issues:

1. Getting the Canadian Visa; and
2. Getting the US visa.

If I was you, I will postpone my visit to Canada until I get my immigrant visa and if also I am in no pressing need to get my H1B stamped.

Given your immigration visa is under processing, your chances for getting a Canadian visa are anybody´s guess.

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if I understand your situation, you have an approval for H-1B from INS (Called I-797). But have not got it stamped on your passport. In order to get it stamped, you will have to go out of USA for example Canada, Mexico or your home country. if this is what you are looking for, i believe you are little late. For USA consulates in Canada you will need an appointment for applying for any kind of visa. I think chances of getting an appointment at USA consulate in Vancouver during thanksgiving are less. But may be you already have done that or you might get one if you try now.

In whole, the answer to your ques is "Yes". And I have done the same in Feb 2004. If you need, I can refer some forums where you can find more information on this topic.

Hope I have answered your question.
Good Luck

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