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Subject: passport return time
  Hi all,
my wife received her passport request letter from CIC London. they told her in the letter that the passport will be returne within 30 working days which is around 6 weeks.
does it usually take the entire 6 weeks or does it take less sometimes? at this stage of my wife´s pregnancy, time is critical.
please share your experience

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Depends which country you are in. Where are you by the way? Which category you have applied in? When did you get this letter from CIC as I heard they are not sending any PPRs any more. Pls. share.
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I am in Iceland. We applied for the PR. I got the letter 3 weeks ago.
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usually 3 weeks but may take another week due to transit time as your living abroad
good luck

and lonodon are still requesting passports

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she lives in lebanon, the case is a sponsorship that has dragged more than the usual due to continuous requests from CHC.
in the meantime my wife became pregnant and the suffering started.
if it takes 3 weeks i would be very happy, but if it takes more than 5 weeks, i wuld be very worried.
Thanks All

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sorry samuel, she received her PPR today
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I would plan for the worst timeline and be pleasantly surprised if it is otherwise. being worried will not change anything but take days off your life.
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Easier said than done Sharon
for me the worst case scenario means that my baby will be delivered outside canada and we will have to go through the hassle of submitting more papers which means more delay.
Sharon, do you think there is something that can be done to speed up the process

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